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Shower Invitations
Baby Shower Invitations
Fun, cute and unique
baby shower invitations
for your special event.
Fast turnaround time too!

Baby Shower Favors & Prizes
About to Hatch TimerFun Favors & Prizes
- About to Hatch Timer
- Gratest Mom!
- Heaven Scent Candle
- Photo Coasters
& more

Baby Trains
Baby Name Train

Wooden baby name trains plus lots of train related and personalized toys.

Star Light, Star Bright
Give them a gift to last a lifetime, name a star after the new baby. An inspiring shower gift.

Uncommon Baby Gifts
Fun Baby Sock Puppets Infant Sock Puppets
Novelty Baby Snapsuits
Necktie Bibs
Safe: Porn for New Moms
and more

Baby Lullabies
Baby LullabyAll your favorite rock music from UR, AC/DC, The Cure and other bands has been turned into sweet lullabies for baby.

Piggy Banks
Piggy banks for BabyCute and fun piggy banks that will help build the baby's savings without breaking your bank!

Babies First Stock
Own a Share of DisneyGive a gift that grows over time, give a share of Disney, Harley Davison or other stocks. Personalized for baby.

Personalized Baby Gifts
Personalized Baby Gifts
Get a soft, cuddley or memorable gift justs for baby - Personal Creations makes it easy.

Baby Shower Gift Baskets

Baby Gift Baskets are some of the cutest and most thoughtful gifts and include a variety of items for the baby and the new mom. We have featured some of the most popular baskets baby gift baskets on the web, plus list do it yourself baby gift baskets so you can find the perfect gift basket.

Monkey Giftset
Monkey Giftset
Froggy Bathtime Basket
Froggy Bathtime Basket

Baby Einstein Gift Basket
Baby Einstein Basket

Tilley the Turtle Giftset
Tilley the Turtle

Fun Froggy Gift Basket
Fun Froggy Basket

Baby Wagon Gift Basket
Baby Wagon Gift Basket

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More Baby Gift Baskets
Create Your Own Baby Gift Baskets

The Labor Basket
Several key items that the new parents will need at the hospital.
Quarters - for vending machines
Sugarless Candy for Mom
A Relaxation Tape or Mom
and Slippers

Baby Safety Basket
A Baby Thermometer
Pedolite, Small Band-aids
A Medicine Dropper, Infant Tylenol

Bathtub Baby Basket
Use a baby bathtub and fill with:
Hooded towel, washcloth, baby bath, shampoo, baby powder, bath toys, pajamas, diapers.  Anything else appropriate for a baby's first bath. 

Arrange the items in the tub.  Fill in the holes with tissue paper and white balloons (blown up to different sizes).  Wrap the tub with tulle and garnish with ribbons and a great big bow.

Soft & Clean Baby Basket
In a small laundry basket put baby detergent, fabric softener, 1-2 onesies, one piece pj's, and a baby blanket. Soft, warm and clean!

It's a Boy Basket / Girl Basket
White Basket (sometimes you can find them in the shape of a cradle)
Newborn diapers
Travel size wipes
Travel size baby powder, lotion, shampoo etc.
Baby bottle fill with blue jelly bellies for a boy and pink for a girl

For Directions use Blue for Boys and Pink for Girls
Stuff the bottom of the basket with blue or pink and white tissue paper.  Arrange the items so that they stick up slightly higher than the top of the basket.  Get some clear tape. Tape the items together and to the sides of the basket in order to hold them in place.  Fill in the gaps with some flowers, iridescent confetti and an It's a Boy or Girl Stick.  Wrap the basket in cellophane, tying at the top with blue or pink, white and yellow ribbon.  Curl the ribbon for the finish.

Clothes Line Baby Basket
Need: Babies clothes, colored clothes pins, laundry basket and clothes line
Place all the baby clothes on a clothes line with different colored clothes pins and have the mom to be pull on the line from a corner of the laundry basket. Place a baby blanket on top of the basket. Have a sign that says "pull here "
Thanks - Laura, Boston - MA

Mom-to-Be Gift Bag
Purchase a small travel bag and put a gown and robe set, socks/slippers, a hairbrush, dental floss, hand lotion, travel size toothpaste and a disposable camera with a flash. These are some of the things that she might need while at the hospital, plus all she needs to add are a few other essentials that she wants to take.
Thanks - Jeana - Hermitage, TN

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