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Give Yourself time, NetFlix sends DVD's right to your home! 
You don't have to make a special trip to the store, just to your mailbox.
You pay only $20 a month and can keep the movies as long as you want. 
No Late Fees!

Save on all the things you love to do!

Cool Ideas and Information:
Women Know This!
Day Spa, if you need it, do it! Facial, Pedicure, Manicure, Massage, Aromatherapy, just do it and relax

1000 Hours Free from America Online!
Now is the perfect time for you to try America Online. AOL 7.0 is full of exciting features, so give it a try with our Free Trial Offer!

Protect Your Computer
Enjoy surfing the net? Make sure that someone is not checking out you while you using the net

12 For 1 CD's
Nothing more to Ever! Treat yourself to the music you want, really! BMG Music Service

Join The Club
Want to get some great DVD's well join the club - check out these online DVD sites.

Make A Date 
Are you single - Well what better way to pick your self up then by finding romance
Have A Web Site? Earn Money!
If you run a Web site - Learn how to earn. 
If you own a business - Learn about growing it!

Computer Software, Almost FREE
Travel, home improvement, learning, children's software and more - you pay shipping!
Get Out!
to any Concert & Sports Events treat yourself to event you want to be at.

FREE Art, Crafts, More Catalogs 
Including Craft King, Masters' Collection and many other catalogs on tons of topics
It's Own Reward
Offer your service and get the gift of satisfaction, Servenet or Volunteermatch

Let Someone Else Cook 
A La Zing offers gourmet meals and this link show how you can get one for Free
Let Something Go 
Earn money by selling your DVD's, CD, books, and videos. If your not using it, sell it at

Fun & Games
Online Cartoons, Comic Strips,
More Advanced Games
Visitor Suggestions - Send Yours

Gift Of Success
Want to be more successful and get more out of life. Learn about success from self made millionaires. This tape comes Brain Tracy a leading authority on human potential, so why not learn from the best, you only pay the shipping. Click here for other 21 Success Secrets audio programs

You don't need to spend a lot of money to give a gift to yourself. 
Just some extra time to do something you enjoy. Take a walk in the park-- right now, 
the trees are beautiful, take a relaxing bath, go see a play at a community theatre, or rent some movies and pop popcorn.
Thanks - MFS - USA

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