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Party Games - Baby Shower

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About to Hatch TimerFun Favors & Prizes
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- Gratest Mom!
- Heaven Scent Candle
- Photo Coasters
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Baby Trains
Baby Name Train

Wooden baby name trains plus lots of train related and personalized toys.

Star Light, Star Bright
Give them a gift to last a lifetime, name a star after the new baby. An inspiring shower gift.

Uncommon Baby Gifts
Fun Baby Sock Puppets Infant Sock Puppets
Novelty Baby Snapsuits
Necktie Bibs
Safe: Porn for New Moms
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Baby Lullabies
Baby LullabyAll your favorite rock music from UR, AC/DC, The Cure and other bands has been turned into sweet lullabies for baby.

Piggy Banks
Piggy banks for BabyCute and fun piggy banks that will help build the baby's savings without breaking your bank!

Babies First Stock
Own a Share of DisneyGive a gift that grows over time, give a share of Disney, Harley Davison or other stocks. Personalized for baby.

Personalized Baby Gifts
Personalized Baby Gifts
Get a soft, cuddley or memorable gift justs for baby - Personal Creations makes it easy.

Baby Shower Games

Here are some quick Baby Shower tips before you get started. Do your ice-breaking games early, mix up the groups some everyone mingles, have fun, and offer small prizes for baby shower game winners.

Printable Baby Shower Games
Printable Shower Games
Baby Shower Party Supplies
Shower Party Supplies

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Popular Baby Shower Games

Don't say "BABY" Game

Each guest receives a clothes pin as they arrive and explain to the guests only once: If you catch someone saying the word 'baby' you get to take their clothes pin. The one with the most pins at the end of the shower wins.

- Suggestion: Instead of using safety pins, make candy pacifiers. Use white certs (the ones like lifesavers), pink or blue ribbon, and jelly beans. How to make: Put ribbon through the cert, and then glue a jelly bean in the center. Note: Tell guest not to eat the pacifiers. Play the game the same way, but wear the pacifiers around the neck. Thanks - Amanda - Lexington, KY
Baby Shower Word Scrambles- Two Versions
1. Take words of baby items and mix up the letters, then have guests unscramble the words. Do 10-15 and make so tough the most correct wins. 2. (as an ice-breaker) Use the expecting mother's first and last name, create teams of 2-3 end have each team come up with as many baby terms from the mother's name as possible. The team with the most real words wins.
Here for Printable Baby Shower Word Puzzles
Baby Animal Game
You create a sheet with a list of animals and their babies, the one who matches the most babies with the correct animal wins a small gift. Free Baby Animal Game
Baby Shower Bingo
Make up a blank bingo card on 8 1/2 X 11 paper and made copies. Each card had five columns and five rows. The boxes need to be large enough that the guests can fill them in. Then on another sheet of paper come up with 100 baby related items. Before you play you need to have each guest fill in their blank spaces with any of the words on the list of 100 in any order. Then, without telling the guests ahead of time, have them play bingo while the mother to be opens her gifts. Every time that she opens one of the gifts the guests mark off that gift on their bingo card. The first to bingo either up and down, across or diagonally wins. We had enough prizes that we were able to play this game the entire time that the mother opened gifts. Thanks - Diana
Here for Printable Baby Shower Bingo game with 200 Bingo Cards
The Price is Right
Just like TV, purchase several baby items and keep the receipt. Have the items out for the guests to see, and have them write down what the price of each item. The one closest without going over to the actual price wins. You can also have 10 - 15 items and list the prices of each, and the person who matches the most products to the correct amount of prices wins a gift.
Hang the Laundry
Hang a clothes line at the shower. Have a pile or a basket with baby clothes, blankets, and clothes pins. Each guest has a certain amount of time to hang the clothes while they are holding a baby (doll) and have a cordless phone to their ear. The ones that can hang the most clothing without dropping baby or the phone wins.
Play Dough-tionary
We had a really big shower, probably 50 people there, so we had them divide up in teams. I got several jars of play dough, and gave one to each team of 4 people. They picked one person to go first, that person would draw a word from a basket. I filled a basket with pieces of paper with baby type words on them (stroller, bed, diaper, etc...) and then it was a race to "sculpt" the word out of the play dough, while their team members tried to guess what it was. It was hilarious. Of course some words were much easier then others, and every team had a different word, so there was not a problem with one team looking what someone else was sculpting. We did this several times, and had a good time. I gave a small prize to everyone on the team when they won a round. The play dough works great too if there are any children at the shower, it keeps them busy, so be sure to buy plenty. Thanks - Diana
Baby Shower Games with Food

Baby Food Guess

Purchase 6-10 jars of baby food, remove the wrappers and number then number the jars. Have the guests try to guess the food.
Baby Bottle Drink-Off! Great for Couples Showers
Fill small baby bottles with fruit juice for each guest. NOTE: Provide a variety of juices or water ( add food coloring for baby shower colors), for those guests with food allergies. The person who finishes the bottle first receives a prize. It is hilarious and much harder than you would think. This activity may be played individually or combined with a few other ideas in a group race. Thanks - Marcy - Gilbert, AZ
Feeding Race
Have guests partner up. Put a bib on 1 person in each team. Have the other person of the pair get behind the person with the bib to be their "arms". The person behind feeds the person with the bib from a jar of baby food. The first pair to finish their food wins. This can get messy, so use a table cloth or an easy to clean surface - and have the cameras ready! Thanks - Bonnie

Something's In The Diaper Game
Partially melt up popular candy bars and mush one of each candy bar into a diaper. Each guest must guess which candy bar they think is in the diaper. Get the camera ready, everybody looks pretty funny sticking their noses in messy diapers! Thanks - Sue - Fullerton, CA

Variation: Stinky Diaper Game
Purchase a box of diapers, place different foods in each diaper. Such as peas, peanut butter, beets, applesauce, and so on. Have the guest each smell them and pass to the other guests. Each guest will have a piece of paper where they can write down what they think is in the diaper. The one with the most correct answers will win a small prize. Thanks - Teresa - Elmira, NY
Pins in Rice
Place about 50 small safety pins in a bowl of uncooked rice. The blindfolded guest has to pick out as many safety pins as they can. Set a time limit such as 30 seconds. The one with the most pins wins.

Ice Breaker Baby Shower Games

IceBreaker - Discovery Game

This is a good game to start a party so that people can break the ice and get to know each other a little better great for showers or any event. Each guest receives a piece of paper and a pencil. In that paper they will find 10-15 different sentences. They have to find somebody in that room that shares what the sentence says and once they do, they write in that persons name. No listing yourself as the answer either! The winner is the first person to finish or whoever gets the most names, and you can give them a reward. To make it more fun, read the sentence and the answers to the group, so all can enjoy.
For instance you can write things such as:
- Find somebody who wears your same shoe size Name:______
- Find somebody who likes chinese food
- Find somebody who has been to Europe

You can be as creative as you want to be! This one is a guaranteed success to make people feel comfortable with each other. Thanks - Ruth
Similar Game Baby Shower Survey Game

The Toilet Paper Game
This is great for a "getting to you know you game". Have everyone sit in a circle and pass around a roll of toilet paper. Ask everyone to pretend they were going on a weekend camping trip and they need to take as much or as little toilet paper off as they would use. Once everyone has tore off their sheets tell them they have to tell something about themselves for every sheet they took off. For the ones to took a few they have it easy and they ones who took a lot then they have a lot of talking to do! Thanks - Marcie
Cartoon Characters Who Am I
Get to know you game. Label 3X5 cards with famous characters from childhood. For example, you can use Barney, Winnie the Pooh, Barbie, etc. Make as many cards as there are guests and tape them to their backs without them seeing who they are. They figure out who they are by asking each person one yes or no question, such as, am I a girl?, do I have red hair? etc. Thanks - Jeannie
Penny For Your Thoughts
Introduction Game - Have two pennies from the same year, you'll a different year for each guest. Example:15 guests, 30 pennies, 15 different years. When guests come in they are given a penny and the other penny is put in a jar. When all the guests have arrived the Mother-to-be selects a penny and the person with that corresponding year tells a little about themselves, how they know the Mother, and maybe a little story about the new Mom. After everyone has spoken the Mom-to-be puts her pennies into the jar and selects one for a prize.

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