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Bridal Shower Themes
Theme Ideas for Wedding Showers
Themes for Bridal Shower

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Bridal Shower Themes
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Bridal Shower Themes

Over the years, we have been gather a variety of Bride Shower Themes. So if you are planning a Bridal Shower and need a creative shower theme then one of these may be just what you are looking for. After you review bridal shower themes, then check out our bridal shower games.

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Shower Party Supplies
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Bridal Shower Themes & Ideas

Garden Shower

This theme revolves around the yards & plants.
Give items such as indoor or outdoor plants, seeds, garden tools, gloves and books. The shower could even take place outdoors!

Honeymoon Shower
Helping the bride get together items for the honeymoon. Items could vary based location basics include sexy lingerie, luggage, scented lotions, perfume, or a camera.

Recipes for Love
Sort of, everyone brings a favorite food recipe and an item that goes along with that dish. Have everyone fill out a recipe for a successful marriage, throw in a bowl pull out and guess who wrote it, the write then gives their gift.

This Is Your Life
If you have the time bring back people from her past and let them bring up those embarrassing moments of the past. Gifts could be related to the event or general. This is great for people who don't know each other well.

Sit Back...and relax
A shower based on relaxation, have tea, finger sandwiches, aromatherapy candles, and have a massage therapist give chair massage. Give gifts that relax the mind and body. Have games that involve girl talk and fond memories.

Adventure Shower
Break the Rules! and go canoeing, camping or hiking 2 or 3 of you and unsuspectingly run into a friend or 2 that offer tips on her new journey. Offer hints about gifts and plan a lunch or picnic spot where everyone can meet and tell stories.

Create A Masterpiece
Have the shower at a paint your own pottery place. Get a private area where talk and paint a personalized plate or mug. Have games that involve getting to know the group or sharing about the bride.

Scent of a Wedding
Use the power of smell for your theme. There are lots of gifts that involve scents: spices, soaps, perfume, lotions, scented hangers, tea and coffee. Games the involve guessing the spice or fragrance. Tells stories about getting things cooking, adding spice, or that are spicy! And no we're not talking about dinner. : )

Create a Scrapbook
Everyone needs to bring a story, old photos, newspaper articles, or something to go in a scrapbook. They can also brings gifts that relate to the scrapbook item. As the shower progresses the hostess will place the items in the scrapbook - this becomes the group gift!

More Theme Ideas
1950's - Diners - Poodle Skirts - Shakes
1960's - Flower Children - Peace - Relaxation
1970's - Disco - Wild Nights
1980's - Preppie - Material Girl
Lights Out - Have at late afternoon or night have candles out, guests would bring gifts that are needed at night - Teddies, flashlights, etc..
Remember When? - Have everyone brings a picture that leads to a story or event. Try to get yearbook pictures if you can.

Tool Time
This fix-it style shower is based on bringing items to help the bride fix & repair stuff, guy style. So the food should be pizza, munchies, and beer. Guests should dress down and be prepared to fix stuff and/or tell stories about repairing things. Invite someone to show how to repair a tire and then have the bride change one! Get dirty, have fun. Gifts can include tires, tools, repair and safety kits, fix-it books etc...

Guests are scheduled to arrive at the shower throughout the day and spend an hour, larger groups 1/2 hr or have several visitors per hour, with the bride-to-be. Each visitor is given a time of day to arrive and must find a gift that matches that time of day. Morning might be a toaster, coffee, tea; Lunch - bread maker, plasticware for leftovers; Afternoon/Dinner - cookware, glassware, knives etc... 

Around the House
Assign a room of the house to each guest asking her to buy a gift for that room. Kitchen, bathroom, garage, bedroom... have fun!

Around the World
The idea is the same, each guest gets a country and must bring an item to represent that country and tell why she selected it.

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Guests are assigned a season and bring gifts that correspond. Examples: Summer - plastic drink glasses, Fall - a rake, Winter - blanket.

Girl Scout Theme - Earn Badges
The bride-to be must complete tasks, make a cake from memory, or tell stories, first date to earn badges. Have gifts that tie into being prepared for romance, cooking, or humor. Have a group gift once she has earn all the badges.

A Party for Parties Shower
An evening celebration, serve a variety of wines and cheeses, and an elegant fondue. Gifts ideas cork screws, wine, wine rack, party supplies, and chip and dish platters.

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